Trying To Understand What Can Not Be Explained

Common To All

Kid in college, kids in high school, baby girl getting her driver’s license, home full of laughter and tears, chores and excitement, this is just some of the chaos of my life. With all the ebbs and flows of parental oversight and teenage angst two things remain constant, Love and Change. Time and change carry us forward whether we are ready for it or not. And the only truly right response to it all has to be love for one another and joy to be where you are at the present time. For none of us know when our time may come to an end. But, there is no doubt…we will eventually reach our destination!

The person who holds my hand and heart through it all is my husband of 22 years, Eric. Together, with friends and family, we have walked the road of blessings and hurt, mountains and valleys. These roads, twists and turns are the path for us all. We all know hurt. We all have experienced the extreme pain of loss and the elation of victory. There is nothing common to one man that is not common to us all. It is amazing the people who travel with you. Not just side by side physically. But also, the ones who travel with you, who are miles away, breaking through the barriers of distance, color, creed or status, ones you may never have met personally but through the internet, they are right beside you. Some, for a long distance. Some for just a stroll. Regardless of the length of the journey, may our lives which are twisting and turning together, beginning and ending and then beginning again, with Compass in hand, bring hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak and light to the darkness.

May we look for the Light in each other and encourage all we “bump” into on this journey. Let us not forget we are never alone. And that we have the opportunity to light the path for those around us.


One comment on “Common To All

  1. Liz carter
    June 14, 2013

    I pray for the family every day.may GOD BLESS and keep you safe.

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