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Character Revealed

Always a Smile

Always a Smile

Journal Entry April 22, 2013

Because it would evoke more tears than prayers, I will not post Grace’s picture at this time. It saddens my heart to report she continues to lose weight. She is working hard to eat, but sometimes she just can’t keep what little she eats down. Suffice it to say you can count every single bone in her body. The only part of her body that continues to grow is her abdomen. Her belly remains extended and swollen.

Now, for the good stuff! While her body continues to suffer, her spirit and her soul are at complete rest and peace. She remains steadfast in her faith and love of her God. She told me this morning her love of her Father has only grown since this journey began over 10 months ago. The saying goes, “Trials and tribulations do not create or build character, it only reveals the character already present.” Well, I will be the first to say as I look into the face of my daughter and see the character of her heart, I know I am looking into Heaven and I am undone! She is such a warrior! When most people her age are concerned with college, clothes and boyfriends, she is making decisions about DNR’s and living wills. But, she remains unfazed in her surety of her miracle of healing and she is not moved.

Eric and I continue to stand with her in faith. For we know that soon either her spirit will burst out of its mortal shell and she will be forever changed or the miraculous of Heaven will be birthed here on this Earth through her and she will be forever changed! Eric and I believe for the latter. We have been given the word of the Lord and on His word we continue to stand. He told us from the very beginning, “I’ve got this. Do not worry!” So, we do not look at the things which can be seen, but at the things which are not seen. Eric and I are in great expectation; we are on pins and needles and can hardly sleep, for we know her time is near! We are in anticipation and hope for what is about to happen!

I will finish up with this. I have often found it curious that Stephen, of the New Testament, saw the “Son of Man standing at the right hand of God” as he was being stoned. Most scriptures talk of Jesus being, “seated at the right hand of God” not standing. But as I was praying for Grace this morning I too saw Jesus standing. And I was reminded of what He shared with me years ago about this portion of scripture. When a parent is watching His child on the field playing, what is the first thing that happens when that child is hurt or is about to make a brilliant play? Immediately, the parent is on his feet. He is standing ready to jump into action the very second he is needed. Whether it is to help and protect or to cheer on. He is on his feet with love, concern and compassion. Well, this morning I see Jesus on His feet as He beholds His daughter, Grace. I am comforted to know Eric and I are not alone in standing. He is also standing. And I thank all of you who are standing with us! God Bless!


2 comments on “Character Revealed

  1. Helen
    June 12, 2013

    such an encouraging thought knowing the Lord stands with us and on our behalf, we can take strength in that.

    • lauragsmith2013
      June 12, 2013

      Yes, indeed. Your standing with us is such a continual blessing. The journey is not over…Love ya!

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