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Toasting to the fun times ahead

Toasting to the fun times ahead

Journal Entry April 12, 2013

Wednesday a Transitional Oncologist Nurse came to our home for a visit with Grace, being that she is not taking chemo at this time, just to check in with Grace to insure all is well with her. We had a wonderful visit. During her time with us, she asked Grace if there was anything in particular she wanted to do. She understood that Grace is expecting her miracle but wondered if she never felt released to get chemo and things continued to progress negatively, what was one wish she may have. Grace tilted her head sideways and looked up and thought a minute and said, “Hhmmmm…..I don’t really know because I haven’t given it much thought”. Then she said with a smile, “I keep forgetting I’m on a deadline!” We all busted out laughing with her.

She said she wanted to go to a concert. The lady talked about Jason Aldean and of course Grace said she would love to see him.
The day didn’t pass before the very sweet nurse, Samantha Barr, called us to let us know she had procured 4 tickets to the Jason Aldean concert this Saturday in Athens. She said a limo was coming to pick Grace and her friends up and drop them off, with an overnight stay included. How awesome is that?? God sure is good!!

Grace’s belly was really extended Wednesday, but her pain has become more manageable. (Every time she needs relief she asks us to pray for her. And without fail, EVERY TIME within minutes, her pain subsides!) She asked God again Wednesday, as she looked down at her swollen belly, if it was time for chemo. His response was the same as before, “Wait. “ So she is continuing to be patient in the process but with active faith and works. (She has seen her belly shrink since Wednesday evening). Tammy is still coming by every day to lay hands on her, anoint her and pray over her. Grace is loving their time together and looks forward to this time every day. She said she would not leave tomorrow until Tammy had come by and prayed for her!!

If you think about Grace tomorrow, please thank God for His faithfulness and power and ever sustaining grace that continues to flow to our Grace. May she enjoy every second of tomorrow and be pain and nausea free as she and her friends travel to Athens for a good time!! Grace is battling hard, but she continues to battle well!!


2 comments on “Deadline?

  1. Helen
    June 12, 2013

    awesome writing,,,, you are so inspiring to so many people:)

    • lauragsmith2013
      June 12, 2013

      Look at you girl…chasing me down on the web. You are such a gracious friend. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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