Trying To Understand What Can Not Be Explained

Palm of His Hand

Journal Entry May 1, 2013

We reported that Thursday Grace received her miracle, and she continues to walk it out step by step.

Grace remained in constant pain from Saturday night till last night (Tuesday night). So much pain that she stopped eating and drinking again. Since Thursday her belly has not hurt only her back. Sunday night and Monday night she hurt so badly, she “slept” sitting upright in bed …leaning on her knees. She found some comfort in that position while rocking back and forth.

In case you were wondering what a miracle looks like, it looks like Grace!! She is walking her miracle out step by step in patience. While I was asking God what her miracle would look like days before, He showed me the Holy Conception of Mary. The Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she became pregnant. She probably didn’t feel any different. Or, in that instant, look any different. Like most women, she had to wait and watch for the signs of becoming pregnant. 28 days……In the same sense, the seed of miracle has been planted in Grace. Little has changed in the natural since Thursday. Grace still hurts, still is throwing up, still is drinking little and eating even less. However, she is not moved. (Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord. Luke 1:45) The seed is planted and she is waiting on her harvest with patience.

We were blessed as Dalton Opala, leader of the Uganda Thunder Children’s Choir, came by earlier today to express his faith and pray for Grace. We had a great time together as he prayed and the choir sang via his cell phone! What an awesome man of faith.

We explained to him where we believe Grace to be and will share with you as well so you can pray effectively on her behalf. Here is a visual of what we believe.

Grace is still in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Though she has passed the deepest part of the valley she is not out yet. As she is turning out of the valley to climb her mountain, the Enemy has grabbed the back of her pants around the waistband and does not want to let go. (Hence all the intense back pain!) His arm is like an elastic rubber band and a tug of war has begun. Although he has a hold on Grace, he cannot hold her. She is in the hand of the Lord and the enemy has to let go. I am reminded of the truths I rehearsed in the beginning months of our journey. “I do not believe in “Que sera,sera”…”whatever will be, will be.” I believe God has called His sons to accomplish His will on Earth as it is in Heaven!” I believe we have to work for it. It does not just happen. I believe in faith works. That is where Grace has been this entire journey. Works of faith. And that is how she wishes to continue. So we continue to stand with her. Right now Grace is weak in her body. So, we, the strong, stand in the gap for her and battle till the Enemy releases her!!

Thank you all for your support. I was brought to tears with all the porch lights that burn in honor of Grace to say, “We remember you Grace and we are praying!” I am overwhelmed by the overflow of love everyone is pouring out over us. We are blessed beyond measure! Because of the outpouring, we are currently limiting Grace’s visitors so she can get some much-needed rest. Thank you for understanding and continuing to pray. God bless!!


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