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Thank You

Journal Entry May 9, 2013

At 5:33 this morning Grace began living at the highest level!!! She was a warrior every step of the way. She had a kindness that only grew as the days passed and she gave glory to the Father every step of the way.

Who better to say it than Grace herself. During her last stay at the hospital while she could hardly text she woke up at 5:00 am one morning and wrote the following to The Lord…

A note from me …
I wanna thank you..
For giving me your strength,
for giving me your hope.
I wanna thank you..
For giving me your peace,
and for each and everyday!
* If I didn’t have you, I would never get through. *
I wanna thank you..
For giving me your word,
for giving me your sight.
I wanna thank you..
For giving me your forgiveness,
And just for simply EVERYTHING!
*If I didn’t have you, I would never make it through.*
..So I say..
Thank you!!

Grace truly lived!!!

We love you baby!!


2 comments on “Thank You

  1. Ruth Wilburn Banks
    June 12, 2013

    Laura, I have never responded or commented on your posts. I feel inadequate with the written language after reading anything you share. Also, I was always so overwhelmed by your entries. I looked on Facebook everyday and was so relieved when one showed up. I can’t explain why. I just had to have the connection. However, I know you well enough that you will accept my attempts to communicate as sincere. First of all, thank you so much for sharing your sweet child, your journey and your feelings. Secondly, thank you for helping all those interested in accepting and processing what went on during this past year. The Chinese have a saying…”Share a happiness and you multiply it, share a sorrow and you divide it”. I hope and pray the literally hundreds of friends and family members that shared your walk did this for you and your family. Like I told you before, Grace stirred this community like no preacher or revival I’ve seen. Her openness and honesty, her faith and witness forced people to take a stand. There were no fence-riders this time. That is all I had to say to her when I wrote on her casket…’Thank you’. When someone lovingly gives you more than you than you can ever repay…there is nothing else to say. I only wish I could have done half as much for Grace as she did for me .I love you all and as always…let me know if ever I can help you. Mrs. Ruth

    • lauragsmith2013
      June 13, 2013

      Mrs. Ruth your words, visits, phone calls are all timely and bring more comfort than I can express. I pray God continues to bless you and your family as you have been such a blessing to me and mine! This is a new chapter and I am progressing slowly but I know the story will get sweeter if I just continue. With friends like you…how can I not? God bless you Mrs. Ruth. Much love to you!

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